memory care at Waltonwood Lake Boone

Raleigh Memory Care

Our goal at Waltonwood Memory Care is to restore our residents’ sense of self and help them conquer any anxiety over their memory decline. Our staff is dedicated to providing gentle support and encouragement while assisting residents in making their own decisions. The staff at Waltonwood Lake Boone in Raleigh, NC, has the training and in-depth knowledge needed to care for residents living with memory decline. They create individualized programs for each resident which encourage them to participate in daily, interactive social activities. By using our Montessori-based method of reminiscing activities, we are able to provide expert care and loving support for Memory Care residents.

At Waltonwood, your loved one will become an important member of our community, which helps them to reminisce about the familiar routine of daily life. The warm, inviting atmosphere created by a peaceful multi-sensory experience helps with their association of home. These experiences include varying wall colors to delineate rooms, a personalized room entry shelf, and a memory box outside of their apartment. These special features let residents relax and feel more secure within their environment.

Memory Care Apartment Features:

Our design expertise is reflected in:

  • Varying wall colors to delineate rooms and help residents with identification
  • Personalized room entry shelf and memory box at entrance to each apartment to assist in association with home
  • Secured and monitored entry system
  • Montessori-based reminiscing activities

* Available for an additional fee