Happy Independent Living couple at Waltonwood at Cherry Hill


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Here are some examples of what our customers have to say about SINGH Senior Living communities:

Our Waltonwood Cherry Hill Experience

"Our 94 year old parents have been residents at Waltonwood for almost 3 years, we call it THE RESORT!!! Besides the deluxe amenities---from the cleanliness, personal care, dining service and varied social activities to well versed management; the most important thing for us has been their well being. They are in a safe, magnificent environment surrounded by caring staff. When Dad died, Mom was immediately enveloped by this generous staff and kind residents that adopted her and welcomed her into her new station in life. We are thankful for all the benefits of being a resident at Waltonwood Cherry Hill, Canton, MI!"

-The Marinos Family- 11.13.12

 How Are You?

"The question is asked of me many times during the day: when walking down the hall, at tea time, at lunch, etc. etc. It is asked so many times that I finally had to stop and ask myself “Just how am I?” So let’s see.

When I think of it, I must say that I have had a wonderful life. Mom and Dad took care of me when I was young. I was never cold, I never missed a meal, I always had a good bed, and I had a life partner who loved me and that I loved. We had wonderful boys and they have given us grandsons and granddaughters, so many that I can hardly remember all of their names.

Now I live in a mansion with comforts and activities beyond the scope and knowledge of the royalty of old. The schedule for the day included: card games, painting class, exercise class, Bible study, book club, a shopping trip and lunch in a nice restaurant. Gosh, there are more things to do at Waltonwood than I ever did at home, and I am free to choose. And to think that we’re not even into the evening. How do I deal with all of the activities? Actually, my medications and exercise program have taken care of most of my aches and pains and I get around pretty well now. After all, I’m no spring chicken at 90.

Oh I noticed that it’s time for dinner. This has been a busy day and my dinner partners are waiting. I hear music as I go to the dining room; they’re full beautiful and full of reminiscences. The dining room is full, the dinner is delicious, and I must say that these women sure have a lot to talk about. I see that a good movie is on tonight, think that I’ll go.

Yes, you asked me how I felt. Well, my friend, I feel just GREAT.

-Mac O. IL Resident- 3.5.13

I'm Happy

"I am quite happy at Waltonwood. The facility is kept well and nicely decorated. I particularly like the amenities such as access to management, my nice apartment, post office, theater, washers and dryers, convenient rest rooms, maintenance men, bi-weekly apartment cleaning, and bus service. Of particular note I appreciate the very high quality of service personnel from the cleaning staff to the dining room staff and fine menu. I don’t know how you find or choose such good people but you’ve done a good job."

-Harold P.- 3.6.13


“I have recommended to friends and will continue to do so. It’s a great, supportive community.”


-Charlotte B- 10.21.08


"Rather than a single individual, I would like to commend a group- the people engaged as "caregivers." They represent the ideals of Waltonwood particularly by their care for all the residents, and especially those with handicaps. Another group to be commended is the staff, from Administrator to the servers- all show constant regard for us."

-Reverend Abraham deVries- 2.26.13