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“You couldn’t find a better place. I love it! It’s beautiful. The staff is wonderful. Everything is nice!”
-Resident Anne W.

“I searched all over and haven’t found a community that would compare to Waltownood.”
-Resident Charlotte S.

“I just wanted to pass along that your staff are true angels. It's obvious that they love the residents and treat them like members of their own families. They're wonderful! Just wanted you to know.”

“I can honestly say working here is very fulfilling. It’s home away from home with over a hundred years of history, love and stories under one roof! We are a family and I am proud to be a member!”
-Waltonwood Staff Member - Nycole H.

“Mom’s move to Waltonwood united the family. Mom benefited because we’re with her on at least a weekly basis, when before I wouldn’t see her for a month or two,” shares Georgia, daughter of Waltonwood resident Catherine Boram. “The best benefit is that the great-grandchildren get to know her. That’s what’s really wonderful about it. When they see her they respond instantly because they’ve been around her so much.”
-Daughter of resident - Beth G.

"My life-long mate, Peggy and I made the decision to move into Waltonwood last May when the retirement complex opened here in Cary, N.C. We had been living very comfortably in Asheboro for 31 years but noticed the passage of time and an increase in age was affecting our mobility to remain totally independent and yet to live over ten miles distant from town with our medical doctors. Living in Waltonwood has been the perfect transition for us. We remain independent but know that medical help is close at hand, both in living arrangement and in medical referrals when needed. The accommodations are top notch (every appointment is available in our living unit),staff is superb,family ties with other residents continue to be a positive experience and the dining facility is beautiful (with an attendant chef and staff who go out of their way to please all of us). Lastly, we live within fifteen minutes of one of our children and the grandkids. Our son remains in Clemmons but is able to drive over twice monthly to have dinner with us. That is another important point as it keeps our family in close contact with each other, and the "little ones" get to share their school and personal lives with their only grandparents.

We can think of no other place we'd rather spend our 'sunset' years than here at Waltonwood."
-Residents - Jim and Peggy F

“When we decided that it was time for us to leave our Cary home of nearly 50 years, the first place we visited was Waltonwood. We had watched it rising slowly out of the ground from the first downed tree. Since we wanted to make the best choice for us, we looked at many different communities and options. After months of looking, it was obvious that Waltonwood offered us the lifestyle and choices that we were looking for! From our first day, the warm welcome of the staff and residents made us confident that we made the right choice. Since becoming a part of the Waltonwood community, we have made so many new friends and renewed acquaintances with old friends that also made the choice to come to Waltonwood. Our only regret is that we didn’t make the move sooner! Thank you for providing a safe, convenient and beautiful location for our new residence!”

-David and Nancy Thornton

“Waltonwood of Cary, a senior residence community, opened its doors in May of 2010. My wife and I were among the first residents to move into the independent side of the three step-down units offered to all who met the initial requirements of occupancy. In other words, Peggy and I have recently celebrated three years and four months of ‘vacation’ living here at our permanent home in beautiful Cary, North Carolina. Our first impression has not really changed since the first day we entered this gorgeous and fully equipped residence home. Our rent includes just about anything and everything you would expect to pay in owning a home except there is only one payment a month. There are no dues, no separate electric, gas, water, TV, garbage, lawn service, window washing, gutter cleaning charges from various venues. One bill each month, payable in a method of your choosing. A question frequently asked of us is basic: Why did you decide to move? Our answer is also quite basic: We had reached the respective ages of 81 and 78 and felt our physical and medical needs could best be served by having all necessary services for seniors close at hand. Also, WE wanted to make the decision to move rather than having a loved one do it for us after the ‘need’ was evident in some form.  We are happy and fulfilled at Waltonwood and would be happy to meet you and escort you through our home should you decide to visit and stay for a few days.”

-Jim and Peggy Fox

“Waltonwoods provides me with a sense of comfort knowing that my Mom lives in a place that provides her with so many people she enjoys spending time with in a warm, comfortable, and engaging living environment.”

-Lisa Misrok, daughter of Waltonwood resident

“My Mother became a member of the Waltonwood family in December 2010.  This was the best action we could have taken to keep my Mom safe and well cared for.  She lives in the independent living community and has made so many wonderful friends with the other residents.  The amazing staff are so wonderful and caring and provide me with peace of mind that no matter what happens, my Mother's needs are met in a loving and professional way.  I can't thank everyone at Waltonwood in Cary enough for all they do and for how hard they all work to keep the facility looking like a five-star resort and providing a healthy, happy and safe place for our loved ones to live.  My Mother is very happy and feels very attached to everyone at Waltonwood.” 

-Marge Morena, daughter of Waltonwood resident

“Three years after my wife died, I started looking at senior retirement communities where I could relocate and live. I looked at at least 12 of them. Many wanted large amounts of money up front. I was impressed with Waltonwood, its location and their charge of a monthly rental fee. I'm going on three years now and have met many nice people. We have meals together and take trips on the Waltonwood bus to places in the Cary NC area for lunches and meals. I have my own apartment and a garage to park my car. I now call it my home now and would be happy to talk to prospects about  Waltonwood.”

-Phil Boyd

“My husband has dementia, I was his only caregiver for many years until suddenly I realized I couldn’t do that anymore. Fortunately, Waltobwood had the answers, a place in the memory care community for him and a place in independent living for me. I am very pleased with the care he is getting and I enjoy the programs that are available to me. I visit my husband every day and it is a special time for both of us.”

-Britt Griffin

“We love Waltonwood Cary Parkway, it is such a friendly place. We moved to Waltonwood in May 2012 and quickly made close friends. Tom is a regular in the fitness center. His cardiologist told him to exercise an hour every day and he comes close to doing as directed. He was elected to the board of the resident council for 2013 and helps Cleta with the flowers and plants in the Garden View lounge. Cleta is known as the “Flower Lady.” She arranged to get out of date, but still good flowers donated by a grocery store. She works with several; others to arrange these flowers and others donated to Waltonwood to brighten the Garden View lounge and others public places. Cleta also likes to participate in Bingo. We have enjoyed serving others as Ambassadors for new and prospective residents.”

-Tom and Cleta Johnson

“Peace of mind, that is what Waltonwood does for me as well as my mother too.  When my mother became widowed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I constantly worried about her health, safety, and security living alone in a big house.  She suddenly had no children or other family nearby to support her, or to help should a crisis emerge.  I finally coaxed her to visit me in Cary and visit Waltonwood.  Within 6 months and with lots of help, we downsized her belongings and she moved in to an exceptionally bright, clean, modern 2 bedroom independent living apartment.  I no longer worry about her health, safety, or security.

The facility sparkles like new; every member of the staff from the waiters/waitresses to the receptionists to site management knows my mother well, and they even know me by name.  I sometimes refer to Waltonwood like a cruise ship because there are many daily and weekly routine activities plus special events and musical entertainment from time to time.  While my mother enjoys some of the activities, if she wishes to maintain her privacy and have a quiet day in her apartment, that’s ok too.  According to my mother, you can be your authentic self, every day at Waltonwood.  She drives herself to convenient shopping, doctor, and dentist appointments.  The shuttle bus is available to get her to the airport or anything else too.  And, I must say that the Sunday brunch is the best brunch the Raleigh area!”

-Steve Dawson, son of Waltonwood resident