Dining options at waltonwood

Dining Experience

Great food is part of a great life. At Waltonwood, we are redefining the senior living dining experience by offering a unique combination of upscale dining, healthy eating, an inviting atmosphere, and a delectable variety of fine foods.  Our skilled chefs take care of the hassle of meal preparation. Waltonwood’s team is dedicated to doing everything it takes to make sure your meal experience is one of the best parts of your day!

Meeting dining and nutritional needs.

When you dine with us, you’ll be surrounded by a warm, inviting and sophisticated ambiance perfect for enjoying our delicious meals. Our gourmet meals are prepared by professional chefs with the highest quality of ingredients and care. We understand the diverse and delicate nutritional needs of our residents, and as a result, offer nutrient-dense meals that are not only flavorful, satisfying and appetizing, but also low in fat, sodium, and sugar.

Waltonwood dining offers a wide variety of menu items that are easily incorporated to fit anyone's preferred tastes. We provide our residents with many gourmet food options for each breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also take pleasure in being able to offer residents with restricted dietary plans menu alternatives for gluten-free, diabetic, and texture modified diets.

We also understand that the aging process provides some obstacles and lifestyle factors that can challenge a senior's ability to taste, smell, and digest food properly. At Waltonwood, we address each and every one of these issues by developing a dietary program that encourages good nutrition with accommodating food choices to meet everyone's palate.

Dine with Waltonwood.

There’s also a wonderful community aspect to dining at Waltonwood. Eating with others has been shown to improve well-being fostering a sense of belonging. Our dining staff is warm and welcoming and looks forward to serving and conversing with residents at each meal time.

At Waltonwood, our residents enjoy delectable, wholesome meals in an upscale dining environment. Let us take the hassle out of everyday meal preparation so you can relax, knowing that you’ll be pampered with another nourishing and delightful meal!