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Memory Care

Waltonwood Senior Living improves the quality of life for our Alzheimer's and memory care residents. At Waltonwood, we provide the utmost support in every aspect of life-physical, emotional and intellectual-to each resident.

Waltonwood utilizes caring and loving support designed to communicate and assist those with memory impairment. We accommodate the changing needs of our residents so they can continue in pursuit of purposeful living. Family member partnerships offer you an opportunity to be included in every aspect of your loved one's care.

We tailor our care plans to meet the specific needs of each resident with the goal of preserving life patterns in a comforting home-like setting. Individual programs have been designed for residents with memory impairment that encourage them to participate in daily interactive social activities. Our goal is to restore a resident's sense of self and help them overcome the fearful anxiety of memory decline.

Our staff has in-depth knowledge of the specific needs for those with memory impairment. We are dedicated to providing gentle encouragement and support while helping residents make their own decisions.

Waltonwood provides a warm comforting ambience through pleasant and peaceful multi-sensory experiences, allowing our residents to relax and feel secure within their environment. Your loved one will become an important member of our community family.

Our design expertise is reflected in:

-Varying wall colors to delineate rooms and help with identification

-Personalized room ledge and memory box outside each apartment to assist in residents' association with their home.

-On-site wellness center and continuous monitoring by a licensed nurse.

-Inviting secure outdoor courtyards for gardening, bird watching or just enjoying the outdoors.

Memory Care Dining

Meal time is an important social time for all Waltonwood residents. Choice and dignity are important aspects of our memory care dining program, supporting residents to continue eating independently. Our servers are sensitive to the needs and preferences of each resident, so adaptations such as finger foods and pre-cut portions will be provided to promote independence. Our dining rooms are smaller, and promote an intimate ambiance with fresh flowers, music and table linens.