Active lifestyle at Waltonwood

Resident Wellness

Expand your horizons.

At Waltonwood senior communities, the wellness of our residents is a top priority. This goes beyond just physical wellness; we pride ourselves on providing resources and programs for the all-around wellness of our residents – body, mind and spirit.

To meet our residents’ personal enrichment, relational and educational needs, our “EXPAND” Life Enrichment program offers a wide variety of activities designed to encourage personal growth and the pursuit of a purposeful life. Created in partnership with the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University, the “EXPAND” program features opportunities for education, exercise, arts and culture, making new friends, and discovering new passions. Led by our Life Enrichment Coordinators, “EXPAND” offers educational courses, seminars, trips and outings, garden projects, museum visits, games, entertainment, cultural and social activities, and much more.

No matter what level of care our residents require, Waltonwood’s “EXPAND” Life Enrichment Program is designed to fit their needs. Many of our residents also stay involved by leading clubs or committees, and some take part in the resident council that exists at each Waltonwood community. Each Waltonwood community also features its own “Hobby and Crafts Room” where residents can teach or take part in classes to learn new arts, crafts, and other skills.

Stay Forever Fit.

In the quest for total wellness, we know that staying physically active and fit is a critical component to maintaining a high quality of living for our residents. To meet this need, Waltonwood communities offer fitness training program called “Forever Fit” for all of its residents. The goal of Forever Fit is to keep residents active and moving, while assisting with balance, strength, and cardio-vascular health.

Our professional on-site Forever Fit trainers offer regularly scheduled classes in each Waltonwood community in both Independent Living and Assisted Living. The trainers are on site at scheduled times for coaching and motivation for residents in the fitness center.

We see the benefits of the Forever Fit program in our residents’ lives every day, such as:

  • A continuity of services that reinforce healthy habits and promote well-being.
  • Trainers that are Waltonwood associates, upholding the values and mission of the company; they know our residents and interact often with family members.
  • Fitness coordinators that motivate and help each resident continue to increase or maintain independence, promote a stress-free lifestyle, and improve self-esteem.
  • Fitness coordinators serve as a bridge to motivate and help those residents who have completed a rehabilitation program to continue with exercise in a safe enjoyable environment.
  • Life enrichment programs that help foster relationships and encourage a sense of belonging within our Waltonwood communities.