Emergency information at Waltonwood


Waltonwood’s dedication to protecting our residents’ well-being continues with our participation in the country’s emergency COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Our communities will be in “phase 1A” of the rollout, meaning our associates and residents will have access to the vaccine in the first wave. We are optimistic that residents and associates could start receiving vaccinations as soon as late December.

Residents and associates will be able to receive all phases of the vaccine right within our communities. Our pharmacy providers will administer the vaccine in two doses, separated by about a month. Although we do not have the exact timeline, it is expected to follow the schedule above.

How Waltonwood is responding to the COVID-19 virus and flu season

As we focus on prevention, we are enhancing cleaning and procuring additional supplies and equipment and offering hand sanitizer throughout each community. We have updated our screening procedures for visitors to only allow medically necessary visitors into our communities. If a confirmed case were to occur, our response team would continue to act in full compliance with the CDC and remain in contact with local and state health authorities. Our top priority will always be the health and safety of our residents. We are committed to keeping our residents, their family members and staff apprised of this ever-changing situation. 

For more information, please contact waltonwoodinfo@singhmail.com

What We've Done


  • Communicating daily with residents about changes at the community.
  • Limiting exposure of our residents both within and outside of the community with stay at home orders.
  • Screening procedures in place for medically necessary visitors. 
  • Isolation protocols in place as necessary.


  • All Waltonwood associates are required to get the flu vaccination.
  • Re-educating our teams on World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) infection control protocols.
  • Reinforcing safety precautions in our communities.
  • Created a Waltonwood response team which includes community, regional, and company representatives.
  • Securing additional supplies and equipment necessary for prevention efforts.
  • Enacted a non-essential business travel ban.
  • Associates must stay home if they feel sick. 

Family Members of Residents

  • Regular communication updates to our residents and family members.
  • Implementing visitor restrictions to only medically necessary visits when applicable and in alignment with state regulations.
  • Answering questions and explaining what family members can do to protect themselves and others.