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10 Things To Spread Happiness on Random Acts of Kindness Week

Being nice is good for mental and physical health at any age. It actually relieves stress hormones, keeps us connected to the world, and enriches our lives. And, of course, it spreads happiness to the recipient.

Here are some random acts that could brighten your or someone else’s day. Each is an easy way to spread joy during Random Acts of Kindness Week, Feb. 14-20, or anytime!

  • SAY HELLO - If you reside in a senior living community, spread cheer by saying ‘hello’ to everyone you see in the halls. Strike a conversation with someone new and ask them questions about their lives and how they are feeling. Sometimes people just need to be heard.
  • GIVE COMPLIMENTS - Whenever you introduce someone, tell others something wonderful about that person.
  • BAKE COOKIES FOR A NEIGHBOR- Know someone who is feeling down? Randomly drop off cookies with an “I’m thinking of you” note. Maybe it’s a neighbor living alone. Here is a seven ingredient shortbread recipe that takes just 25 minutes! (Or, skip the baking – buy cookies from a local baker). Package the cookies in a cute jar or coffee mug or just wrap them in cellophane with a pretty ribbon.

Thank you card with presents and flowers

  • SEND A RANDOM CARD - Send a loved one a handwritten thank you card, or even an email, and write specific points about why that person enriches your life.
  • DONATE - Donate your used items to a charity, many will do porch pickup! Consider donating your old glasses. Give a $10 donation to a local food bank.

Cell phone with recipe on it

  • SUPPORT LOCAL - Do you know someone who is really busy? Do double-good by having a meal sent to their home prepared by a local business!
  • TELL THE BOSS - When you receive great service, tell the person’s supervisor, or even write an email to corporate
  • MAIL CARRIER LOVE - Leave a coffee gift certificate in the mailbox for your mail carrier - with a handwritten note of appreciation. Here is what you are legally allowed to give them.

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  • MAKE A CALL - To someone you know who may be down and, similar to number one on our list, just let them talk. Start a conversation that has nothing to do with the pandemic - such as asking about their loved ones, or about the books they may be reading. If they don’t pick up the phone, leave a voicemail that cheerfully lists three things you admire about that person.
  • RETURN THE LOVE - Is there someone who does a lot for you and lives a hectic life? Order an online gift that will help them relax - such as a weighted blanket or extra comfy slippers.

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