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16 Ideas for Holiday Celebrations with Seniors

The holidays are a special time to spend together with seniors and can be meaningful and fun even if they have physical or cognitive limitations. This season is all about having fun, reminiscing, and feeling included and purposeful. These are activities for seniors that are perfect to enjoy with family and friends.


Ideas for Holiday Celebrations with Seniors


  1. Have fun and meaningful conversation and exchange small gifts over brunch at a local restaurant.
  2. Prepare brunch together at home. Invite young children to help you prepare the meal.
  3. Design a beautiful tablescape and then work together to craft the items to use for the display on the big day.
  4. Visit them at their senior living community, making sure to have dinner with them, go for a walk, help them run errands, or watch a movie together.
  5. Look over old family photographs and use modern technology to access today’s photographs. Have fun pointing out the differences in fashion and identifying individuals who resemble their relatives from previous generations.
  6. Create a digital collage of photographs.
  7. Use an online program to develop a family tree. It will be both useful as a historic document and also will help children identify their relatives’ names and where they fall into the family line.
  8. Invite your grandparents or parents to come stay with you for a few days. You will have plenty of opportunity for quality time that you will all cherish for many years.
  9. Play card games that are fun and appropriate for everyone in your family.
  10. Assemble a large puzzle over a few days.
  11. Prepare desserts such as holiday-themed cupcakes. Children will have fun helping you decorate them – and even more fun eating them!
  12. Sing seniors’ favorite holiday songs to them or together!
  13. Reflect over the meaning of the season. Remind children what it’s all about by telling them historical stories or helping them create thoughtful handmade gifts for their friends.
  14. Go out to your local church or community center to enjoy a holiday-themed program.
  15. Schedule a day for all of you to volunteer for your favorite charitable organizations, such as Gleaner’s Community Food Bank, the Goodfellows, or the Salvation Army. As you are helping your community, children will learn about the importance of giving back.
  16. If your loved one is in advanced stages of dementia at a senior living community, visit his or her home. Use your phone or other device to play soothing or familiar holiday music.


These are only a handful of ideas for holiday celebrations with seniors. Each family and situation is different, so contact us for additional suggestions and general information. No matter where you live or what you do, you can make this holiday spectacular for you and your loved ones.

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