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Senior Health & Wellness: A Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping List


Senior Health & Wellness:

A Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping List



Choosing heart-healthy foods is not only easy, but also enjoyable. With such a wide variety of foods and specialty grocery stores, healthy eating may become your preference. Whether you choose to shop in person or check items off in your grocery delivery app, here’s a heart-healthy shopping list you can use the next time you need to stock up.


Seafood Counter — Certain kinds of fish are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids.


✔ Salmon

✔ Mackerel

✔ Tuna

✔ Sardines



Herbs and Spices Aisle — Certain spices are shown to lower cholesterol levels, provide antioxidant properties, and relieve stress.


✔ Cinnamon

✔ Cumin

✔ Cardamom

✔ Turmeric

✔ Ginger



The Fresh Produce Section — Berries are rich in antioxidants. Avocados provide a source of heart-healthy fat, and tomatoes reduce inflammation. Leafy green vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and garlic is nothing short of nature’s gift to heart health.


✔ Strawberries

✔ Blackberries


✔ Avocados

✔ Tomatoes

✔ Garlic

✔ Onions

✔ Spinach

✔ Collard Greens

✔ Deep Green Lettuce

✔ Kale



The Dried Produce Section or Nuts & Berries Aisle — Certain types of nuts provide fiber and nutrients while lowering bad cholesterol.


✔ Unsalted Almonds

✔ Unsalted Walnuts



The Meat and Poultry Section — Fresh meats provide much-needed protein and iron (limit portions).


✔ Lean, white meat chicken without the skin

✔ Lean red meat



The Packaged/Dried Goods Aisle — Whole grains are high in fiber and may help reduce bad cholesterol levels, and certain types of seeds may reduce inflammation and blood pressure.


✔ Quinoa

✔ Barley

✔ Brown Rice

✔ Oatmeal/Oat Cereal

✔ Lentils

✔ Soybeans/Edamame

✔ Chick Peas

✔ Chia Seeds



The Beverage Aisles — Some types of herbal teas burn fat, have antioxidant properties, aid in relaxation to reduce stress, and provide several types of nutrients, and you simply need water to keep your heart pumping and blood flowing.


✔ Water

✔ Cinnamon Tea

✔ Green Tea (various flavors)

✔ Chamomile Tea



Miscellaneous — A little dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. Olive oil may reduce inflammation, and some varieties of yogurt are linked with healthier blood pressure levels.


✔ Dark Chocolate

✔ Olive Oil

✔ Plain Yogurt


Remember that buying heart-healthy foods and drinks is only one of many components of keeping your body healthy. It’s also important to consume any foods and drinks in moderation, stay active, maintain positive mental health, and regularly see your physician or heart doctor.


Finally, remember to have fun and choose foods that you would like to eat. That’s the first step in maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle.

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