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Waltonwood Senior Living Features Only Saltwater Therapy Pool in Loudoun County Area

Waltonwood Ashburn is proud to be the only senior living community in Loudoun County that offers a saltwater therapy pool for its residents. We are excited to provide senior living residents with all of the benefits that the pool has to offer, which include enhanced mental and physical wellness and comfort.

Saltwater Therapy Pool Benefits

Our Waltonwood communities focus on a holistic approach to senior living with a goal of empowering residents’ minds, bodies, and spirits. Our saltwater therapy pool at our senior living community in Ashburn, Virginia offers numerous benefits to meet these purposes.

● Better Skin

Saltwater can soften and smooth your skin. It serves as a natural exfoliator, and research has shown that it can help improve skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and adult acne.

● Stress Reduction

Saltwater has been shown to soothe tense muscles and aching joints, ultimately leading to a calmer state of mind.

● More Water Purity

While chlorinated pools have many similar benefits, the chlorine can be irritating to some seniors’ skin and eyes. The scent of chlorine can also linger on bodies and clothing.

● Improved Fitness

Water exercises in general are some of the most beneficial forms of exercise for seniors, especially because there is not as much wear and tear on joints and muscles. Saltwater is ideal for seniors who have arthritis, as it has been shown to reduce swelling and inflammation. Ultimately, better fitness in general can improve seniors’ heart health, balance, range of motion, posture, and mobility.

● Social Factors

At Waltonwood Ashburn, we offer seniors water exercise classes as well as the ability to use the saltwater therapy pool on their own time. It’s an enjoyable way to socialize with other members of our Waltonwood Ashburn senior living community.

See the Waltonwood Ashburn Saltwater Therapy Pool in Person

If you are considering our independent senior living, assisted living, or memory care residences at Waltonwood Ashburn, come take a tour. We’ll answer all of your questions, tell you more about the benefits of our saltwater therapy pool, and explain our many other social and fitness opportunities. At Waltonwood, our goal is to help residents flourish, and we will work hand-in-hand with families to provide residents with the best opportunities for them to do so.

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