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Jimmy from Waltonwood Ashburn

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My wife Myra and I have lived at Waltonwood Ashburn for 2 ½ years—since just after it opened.

In my 81 years, I have worked at a wide variety of jobs. I have counseled prisoners, played piano in a bar, did caricatures on the boardwalk, ran a hot dog stand outside of a ballroom where I met many famous entertainers, was employed as a vendor at a circus and worked as a tax consultant for various non-profit organizations.

I served in both the US and Israeli armies and published three books on historical matters. I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with other Waltonwood residents by playing music, creating artwork for their enjoyment, and mixing with them at meals and events. I have even given lectures on a variety of topics as part of Waltonwood’s Life Enrichment program, and invited discussions among attendees. I am so pleased that I can share whatever talent or experience I have to hopefully bring enjoyment to my friends and neighbors at Waltonwood. 

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