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Dining Experience at Waltonwood Twelve Oaks

Meals are a large part of your daily life, and exquisite food helps create memorable experiences. At Waltonwood Twelve Oaks, our premier dining services offer a unique combination of healthy eating and fine foods, all prepared by our skilled culinary staff. We are dedicated to ensuring unforgettable dining experiences that meet your dining and nutritional needs, without the hassle of meal preparation. Dining at Waltonwood is a sophisticated experience, complete with a warm and inviting ambiance that’s perfectly suited for indulging in your favorite foods, and discovering new ones.

Our gourmet meals are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients and care, and we work to create seasonal menus that will suit your needs, without sacrificing taste or variety. We also feature locally sourced foods whenever possible. Our chef’s creations are delicious, nutrient-dense meals that are tailored to our residents’ needs.

Comfort and Style

Residents gain a comforting community atmosphere when dining at Waltonwood, and eating with others has been shown to improve a person’s well-being and sense of belonging. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer residents menu alternatives for restricted dietary plans.

Our Twelve Oaks chef and culinary team attend to residents’ individual needs by developing a dietary program that encourages good nutrition, with accommodating food choices to meet everyone's preferences.

Enjoy dining at Waltonwood Twelve Oaks

Meet Our Chef

Nicholas Lalios grew up in the food service industry. His family, originally from the island of Samos in Greece, immigrated to the United States in the 1930s. From that point on his family made it a habit to take care of people by feeding them amazing food. Born on the east side of Metro Detroit, Nicholas was exposed to a variety of cultures and their native foods every day. His family has owned and operated several beloved restaurants in the Detroit Metro area for over 40 years.

Nicholas began working in the family business at the age of 8, bussing tables, helping in the kitchen or going down to the Gratiot Central Market with his father on Saturday mornings to pick up fresh items for the restaurant. When he was 18 he started running one of the family restaurants as the Head Chef and General Manager. Nicholas took a liking to the industry because it always allowed him to keep moving and trying new things. Using the training from his father, Nicholas moved on to become the Sous Chef and Butcher at the well-known Clawson Steak House. After 5 years at the Clawson Steakhouse he moved on to work under Chef Appolonia from Bella Piatta in beautiful downtown Birmingham, where he learned Venetian-style cooking techniques and recipes. He has been certified thru the state of Michigan's ServSafe program for food safety and allergens. He has a degree in Radiology Technology, and is working on becoming a licensed Dietician.

Promoting and experimenting with new and fun foods has always been a passion that shows no sign of diminishing now that he is the Culinary Services Manager at Waltonwood of 12 Oaks in Novi, Michigan. Nicholas delights residents every day by preparing and presenting new creations using the freshest of ingredients.

Pastries By Waltonwood

15 Pastry Chefs, each with their own specialty, make up the Waltonwood Pastry Team creating handcrafted delicacies for our residents and families!

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