Services and amenities offered at senior living in Charlotte

Life Enrichment Program at Waltonwood Cotswold

Our EXPAND Life Enrichment Program offers a wide-ranging selection of activities and social activities, all led by our Life Enrichment Managers. The Cotswold EXPAND program features opportunities for exercise, arts and culture, making new friends, and discovering new passions. EXPAND also offers activities designed to encourage personal growth and the pursuit of a purposeful life, by fulfilling residents’ personal, relational, and educational needs.

Discover Your Senior Community

The program focuses on expanding our residents’ horizons by immersing them in activities like educational classes, seminars, trips and outings, gardening projects, museum visits, games, entertainment, cultural activities, and much more. For residents who previously lived alone, making new friends and discovering unlimited social opportunities helps relieve some of the stress accompanied with moving to a senior community.

Diverse Activities

Many residents also lead their own clubs or committees, and Waltonwood Cotswold’s Resident Ambassador Program provides a resident council directly involved with the senior community through monthly meetings with department heads, presenting questions, comments, or concerns on behalf of the residents. We also feature a “Hobby and Crafts Room” where residents can teach or take part in classes to learn new arts, crafts, and other skills.

Lounge with couches at Waltonwood Cotswold